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Our Story


The My Baby A to Z Backstory:

Over the past two years our team tried out what felt like a million different ideas for this DVD.  Through this creative process we learned a lot about our strengths and weaknesses as a team, and a lot about each other as individuals.  We tried different formats and media, and every script and style we could think of.  With our broad backgrounds and experiences to draw from, it should have been coming together, but it wasn't.

Our purpose in making this DVD was to provide parents with some ideas to help them teach their children.  We wanted to create something on screen that would not just provide a diversion for kids, but carry over into one-on-one time with them.

The puppets really brought all this to life. The puppets have been with us from the beginning, but only as secondary characters. In between shooting scenes, my wife and I found that our two year old was continually trying to get the puppets to “play.” For our family, that meant that we had to get into the act.  Parents learn fast.  Kids learn faster.  My daughter figured out quickly how to get her quality time with mom and dad. She would playfully bonk one of us in the head with a puppet. We would laugh and then act out the same activities we were shooting using the puppets ourselves. She loved it!  This interaction started us thinking.  We then met Moo and Beans who took center stage truly becoming our friends and showing us a new world to discover.

 My daughter loves the DVD and loves acting it out with us. It’s amazing to watch her learn from our interactions and then to see her expand that learning as she teaches us the same things but in new ways.  My Baby A to Z - Come Explore Shapes With Me provides the opportunity for that kind of creativity.  It is rewarding to see that every family and school group we've worked with has completely loved the DVD and our concept of offline parent/teacher/child interaction.


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